Where did RedHat go ?

Maybe you've heard that RedHat 8 is supported until the new year shift and 9 until april 2004 so will I no longer be able to get RedHat updates?
The answer is unfortunately no you will not. So what do you do.

Well there are to ways to go. Either you go Enterprise and pay for you professional support or you get the Fedora Core 1.0 which is the new name of the RedHat system for developers and Linux enthusiasts.

Know you can either think f... or cool a new initative. I personally believe the last one, because since I tried RedHat 8 I got quite impressed by the RedHat Network features and also wondering how the hell is this made for free. I know it was annouced as a demo basis to have your update alert directly at your desktop, but to continuehave your demo account available all you had to do was filling out a survey know and then and your demo account was extended :) Pretty cheap I think.

All this is not over but being run like any other Open Source projects. Some guys started the Fedora project and this is the alternate way to stick with a RedHat like Linux system.

Go visit and get it: http://fedora.redhat.com

The Fedora Core 1 comes as a distribution on 3 CD's so nothing unusual :)

Kevin Steffer (a.k.a EcheDK @ #linuxhelp on eu.undernet.org)